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Governments digital transformation has become the cornerstone to improve citizens services, improve government efficiency, fight corruption, and analyze citizens trends to elevate/improve interaction with government entities. The transformation involves a set of procedures/processes that embraces lots of services, maintaining security, agility and excellent customer experience. ASSET has provided over the past years and going forward major automation projects to governments in the Middle East region to optimize and automate processes, interact with Citizens to allow electronically communicate and secure payments. We have built over 35 governmental portals for different governments fully integrated at the back end with relevant processes along with…
ASSET assists banks and financial entities to efficiently compete in today's changing economies through solutions that reduce risks, mitigate regulatory compliance, enhance customer service, improve operational efficiency, and deliver competitive edge.
Since 2004 Asset has been providing  Telecom mobile operators with successful solutions either through off-the-shelf products, or though  developed custom solutions and consultancy professional services based on today's changing market trends. We engage with mobile operators in providing telecom products, developing customized solutions and offering professional consultancy service.
Technology is changing today's operational environments. Digitization is becoming key to all developmental approaches in the coming stages. One of the highly impacted industries is Insurance, where the diverse insurance activities steer the future wheel of heavily regulated insurance practices through digitization and automation methods.
Oil & Gas
Oil and gas organizations must manage, analyze, and store more data than ever before. Data volumes continue to grow at an exponential pace and organizations are obliged to handle and store their project data for an infinite time to meet industry compliance standards.
The private sector brings innovation into different business markets today and markets worldwide are growing fast, really fast. The ability to drive this force of growth and competence across the different channels of the private sector is challenging. Technology paves the way for a smooth digital transformation and the technology approach that supports private sector businesses defines the right business track to follow and nurture.